Gumptionology Decluttering

I'm a certified Speed of Life Decluttering coach, and superfan of Dana K White's work.

I’m a SAHM of four kids, which means that I’ve had a baby, a toddler, or both in my house for over a decade now. I was never naturally organized, and I found that the stuff management got a lot harder once I had little kids who: had a ton of stuff, often didn’t want to get rid of it, and would dump it out shortly after I cleaned up!

Nothing has helped me more in figuring out how to manage my home and my stuff than finding Dana, and I’ve been following her closely for multiple years now.

If you want to get a sense of what I’m like, you can hear me on Podcast #269: The Problem with Miscellaneous or check out my decluttering blog.

We might be a a good fit if you want someone who:

-is very nonjudgmental (I won't judge what you decide to keep)

-isn’t pushy, but will consistent keep you on track and free up your working memory, so we can be as efficient as possible together

-is analytical enough to answer all of your questions and "what if"s while you are taking things where they go

-has thought an absurd amount about managing kid toys

-has experience with kids who didn’t want to get rid of anything who now look forward to going through their stuff

-is happy to work over a video call